100/50/40/20 Pet Diapers Deodorant Thickening Absorbent Diapers Disposable Training Urine Pad Dog Diapers


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-Super Absorbency: Pet diapers are made of 100% pure wood pulp and super absorbent polymer, which is a highly effective water-absorbing layer, which quickly absorbs urine and solidifies into blocks, preventing bacteria, deodorization, instant absorption, antibacterial deodorization The bottom layer is a waterproof PE flow film, which can provide a plastic lining around the pad and provide protection on the back of the pad to provide maximum moisture protection for the floor and carpet.
-Reduce odor: high-efficiency water-absorbing layer made of 100% pure wood pulp and super-absorbent polymer, which can quickly absorb urine and solidify into a block, effectively prevent the re-infiltration, with the addition of antibacterial ingredients, effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, unique The deodorizing function makes you no longer have to worry about the smell of pet urine in the room.
-Application: It is very suitable for training puppies before entering the room, helping aging dogs or old dogs, for dogs who have been alone for a long time, and going out instead of potty for indoor pets.
-Multi-function: match with cushion frame, pet bed, dog creation, car seat cover and pet travel bag. Using a pet changing mat makes it easy for your big furry friends to enter the house and it is easy to clean up.
Material: Non-woven Fabric, Cotton
Number of Floors: 4Floors
Color: Blue (thickened)
S: 100 Pieces / Pack 33cm x 45cm
M: 50 Pieces / Pack 45cm x 60cm
L: 40 Pieces / Pack 60cm x 60cm
XL: 20 Pieces / Pack 60cm x 90cm
Package Included:
100/50/40/20 x Pet Diaper Training Mat

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