2/3/4/5/6 Head Aquarium Cooling Fan Adjustable Submersible Cooler Fast Cooling Low Noise Angle Adjustable with Safety Net



1. If inadvertently the fan drops in water, disconnect the power supply fan and then pick up.
2. Please replace the power cord if the cord is damaged.
3. Hands wet can not touch the power plug to prevent electric shock.
4. Install the fan out of reachs of child.
5. Products do not work, please sent to a professional shop for repair.
Package Included:
1 x Aquarium Cooling Fan
1 x US Plug (Sent with a adapter according your country)
Fan Quantities: 2 Head, 3 Head, 4 Head, 5 Head, 6 Head
Note: Please kindly leave us a PAYPAL NOTE specifying your favorite Fan Quantities, otherwise we will send it in Random
Cable Length: Approx. 1.47m/ 57.87”
Input: 90~240V, 50/60Hz
Output: 12V
2 Head Fans
Power: 2.88W, 0.24A
Dimensions: Approx. 17×4.8×11.8cm/ 6.69×1.89×4.65”
3 Head Fans
Power: 5W, 0.36A
Dimensions: Approx. 23×4.8×11.8cm/ 9.05×1.89×4.65”
4 Head Fans
Power: 5.76W, 0.48A
Dimensions: Approx. 29×4.8×11.8cm/ 11.42×1.89×4.65”
5 Head Fans
Power: 8W, 0.6A
Dimensions: Approx. 35×4.8×11.8cm/ 13.78×1.89×4.65”
6 Head Fans
Power: 8.64W, 0.72A
Dimensions: Approx. 41×4.8×11.8cm/ 16.14×1.89×4.65”
2 x attachments to fit onto rim of tank
Fits tanks rim up to: 14mm (and anything smaller)
There is safe protecting net to prevent from hurting
Adjustable brackets allow for 90 degree movement of the head
Motor with big wind and little noise, loose heat fast and cooling easily
Equipped with fan holder which can change the direction of win and it is suitable for aquarium
This aquarium cooling fan can aid in helping cool your aquarium tank when it is subject to temperature raises during the day

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