2pcs Stainless Steel Pet Nail Clippers Nail Trimmer Set Cat Nail Trim Dog Cleaning Beauty Tools


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Main Features:

● Sharp cut, easy to cut armor. The grip feels comfortable and does not feel tiring to hold for a long time.

● Made of high-quality alloy materials, strong and durable; sharp blade, not easy to produce burrs after cutting.

● Ingenious arc-advancing design, easy to operate, easy to store, and safe to store.

● Intelligent electric control water tank, even water, protect the wooden floor.

● The handle is wrapped with high-grade soft EVA material, which is comfortable to hold and brings you a pleasant pruning process.

● Regular nail trimming for pets can effectively avoid the pain caused by the splitting and breaking of the nails due to the long nails, and also avoid pets’ sharp nails from scratching furniture, sofas, floors, etc..

● Suitable for: dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets with long nails.


Color: Blue/Pink
Material: Non-contact steel, Plastic + Rubber
Dimension Package Weight: 0.13kg 
Product Size: 13.00 x 6 cm
Package Contents
1 x Scissors + File

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