All Size Dog Harness with Traffic Control Handle Belly Protector Reflective Soft Padded Nylon Collar


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This harness has two buckles located on the neck and chest straps for easy application. It is adjustable and the neck strap is fixed with a Velcro tape. Once the harness is placed in the correct direction, simply adjust to fit, buckles up and good to go! Lightweight with traffic handle: This minimalistic 2-strap harness will not be a burden to your four-leg friends! The harness is relatively light in weight which effectively reduces unnecessary pressure. It is featured with a soft padded traffic handle on the back ensures extra security.


Wide range of colors:  black, brown, red, yellow, blue, pink and purple

XS/S: width 0.5”, chest width 9” – 14.2”, chest girth 11” – 18.1”, minimum tensile strength 175 lbs, typical breeds: Mini Dachshund, Yorkie
S/M: width 0.6”, chest width 13.4” – 18.9”, chest girth 15.8” – 25.2”, minimum tensile strength 385 lbs, typical breeds: Pugs, Bichon 
M/L: width 0.8”, chest width 18.1” – 24.4”, chest girth 23.6” – 33.9”, minimum tensile strength 630 lbs, typical breeds: Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier 
L/XL: width 1”, chest width 23.6” – 31.5”, chest girth 31.5” – 45.7”, minimum tensile strength 840 lbs, typical breeds: Labrador, Great Dane, German Shepherd
The suggested typical breeds are for reference only. Please refer to the actual measurement for best results.

Package includes: 1 *  Dog Harness

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