Astronaut Capsule Breathable Pet Puppy Cat Travel Bag Space Carrier Bag


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Specifications :

1. Model : Astronaut
2. Material : PU+ABS
3. Color : Black, Pink, Yellow, Brown
4. Size : 32*20*37CM(L*W*H)

Features :

1. Portable backpack for taking your pet out for traveling, health caring and other outdoors activities.
2. Built-in transparent cover with ventilation holes , your pet cat look out through it in the bag.
3. With soft mat in the bag, provide comfortable feeling to your pet while laying.
4. Large space, will not hurt your pet while using.
5. Using ventilation material inside and outside, helps your pet breath smoothly, will not leave smell, also give you comfortable feeling while using.
6. 4 colors for selection, suitable for different kinds of people.

7. Built in zipper and handle for convenient using.
8. Durable base to keep long-time using.
9. This bag can hold 5kg pet.

Package Include :

1 x Pet Backpack

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