Cute Cactus Pet Cat Tree Toys with Ball Scratcher Posts for Cats Kitten Climbing Tree Cat Toy Protecting Furniture Fast Delivery


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Material: E1 Particle Board, Polyester Fur + Sponge Filling, 4mm Hemp Rope, Paper

Color: Multicolor

Application: Indoor/Outdoor

Dimensions: 30 x 38cm / 11.8 x 15in(approx.)


● PROMOTES CAT HEALTH – Scratching posts help to promote healthy claws for your favorite feline by removing debris and old layers of nails as they scratch. The tall posts also allow your cat to stretch their muscles.

● LARGE SCATCHING SURFACE – This tall post provides cats with a healthy outlet for scratching instead of using your furniture or carpet. The post is made from hemp rope and polyester fur, and also features a base for more options for your cat to use.

● DURABLE AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The scratcher is easy to assemble and can be ready for your cat to use in just minutes! It is also durable, sturdy, and made of safe materials for your four-legged friend.

Package Included:

1 x Cat Scratching Post

1 x English Manual

(excluding other decorations)