Electric Pet Heat Mat Heated Heating Pad Blanket Dog Cat Waterproof


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Color: White
Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Voltage : 220V(AU)  110V(US)
Plug: AU plug/US plug
Power: 110W
Temp Max: About 60℃
Wire length: 1.37m/ 54inch
Controller size: Approx. 12.5×5.5cm/4.9*2.2inch
Mat size: Approx. 40x40cm/40x60cm

-Fully enclosed, dustproof and waterproof.
-Wire harness anti-biting pipe, protect the wire and prevent pets from being electrocuted.
-Temperature control protection switch and low-voltage power supply.
-PVC dermatoid materials, comfortable and durable.
-Adjusted with the controller at will in order to at the comfortable temperature.
-Help your pet get through the cold days during winter with mat!
In general, fifth gear is enough for your pet all night. Above fifth gear is used with need of quick heating or special use.

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