Jordan&Judy JJ-PE0014 Cat Litter Pad Silicone Material Waterproof White Pet Mat From


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Description :

Jordan&Judy Cat Litter Pad Silicone Material Waterproof White  Pet Mat From Xiaomi Youpin 


–0.6cm thick silicone pad, soft and comfortable, the preferred material, environmentally friendly and durable, clean and worry-free
–Compared with plastic mats, silicone mats can be rolled or laid, do not move, easy to store, do not take up space
–Compared with carpet mats, the silicone mats are easy to clean, so long as the litter on the mats is poured into the litter box, it is not easy to get moldy and improve the quality of life.
–It is recommended to use a mat as a closed trash bin. Because the cat's range of activity exceeds the pad's range, open toilets may not be effective. It is recommended to clean once in 2-3 days.

Specification :

Brand  Jordan&Judy(Xiaomi Cooperation Brand)
Material  Silicone
Color  Gray/White
Weight  425g
Size  530 x 380 x6mm

Package Includes :

1 x  Cat Litter Pad

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