Uah Smart Pet Water Dispenser UVC Disinfection Mute Prevent Burning Drinker Fountain for Cat Supplies Dog Drinking


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Main Features:

*Ultraviolet: High efficiency sterilization, with a sterilization rate of 97%.

*Biological induction: Water will automatically gush when the cat approaches, and automatically stop water when it leaves.

*6-fold fine filtration: The active water spring adopts 6 fine filtrations to activate the water quality and purify and soften the water.

*Noise reduction: Disturbance-free sleeping system, sleep-level guarantee.

*Pogo pin safety interface: Waterproof and rustproof, safer. Guarantee data lossless transmission.


Product size: 180* 180*160mm

Capacity: 1.6L

Product material: food grade ABS

Rated voltage: 5V1A

Plug: US

Package Contents

Smart pet water dispenser*1, Filter element*1, 1M nylon USB power cord*1, Adapter*1 (according to your country)

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